January 30, 2009

Here is a recap of everything that has happened with me since Halloween. I don't know what my sisters have been doing but obviously they are slackin' worse than I am with updating this silly blog. It's out of order a bit... but what in my life isn't?
Preference was a blast! I went with Trevor Hansen and I was sportin' a Yellow formal much like that of Andy Anderson's dress in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days! For our day activity we played Curses at Becca's! If you've never played that game, I highly recommend it!
Neon Light Dance!!! Cole went to Jason's cabin last week and just before I was going to complain about losing my best friend for a weekend, the girls called me up and invited me to go with them to studio 600 in Salt Lake. Yes Bai and I got lost on our way there (who knew studio 600 meant it was on 600th s. hahah!) but it ended up being tons of fun.

Sadies with Joe! As you see from the picture below... We were Indians. My name (as manifest to me through the wonderful world wide web...) is Flower Plucking Coughing Fish (easy with the first part... it gets a little risky to say. My date was... Talkative Short Rainbow. HAHA that's dang funny I don't care who you are! During the dance we were able to sneak in toy bow and arrows (by hiding them in my boots) and shooting couples that forgot they were in a room full of people and thought it was okay to exchange germs in a loving sort of way. Joe and I ended their mind farts quickly! ;)

Christmas break was the absolute best!! As you can see my hair was as red as my jacket (It's back to brown now for those who are curious) Cole joined my family when we went to Soldier Hollow. It's tradition! Mike and Cole thought it was hilarious to tackle me in the snow from time to time and this is my surrendering picture hahah

November 2, 2008


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! well, it's that time of year again! Holidays are like the silver lining in our monotonous lives! Especially Halloween, because its a day for dressing up crazy, sticking your hand in orange pumpkin guts, and getting as much candy as your pillow case can hold! Not to mention risking your life like I did at the haunted house Nightmare on 13th in Salt Lake. This year we were the "cool" house! My mom has gone from giving out hubba bubba bubble gum to full size candy bars. Too bad I'm too old to go trick or treating anymore (my family asked me to put an end to that after I turned 16.) Anyway, Megan spent the day with her friends dressed as "gangstas" Katie went on a blind date and they designed their costumes on the spot. Cole and I helped host Emily's class party, came home and carved pumpkins, then went on a date to the haunted house! It was quite the Halloween and we all loved every second of it!

October 2, 2008

*Better Late Then Never*

I'm not going to lie, I love braggin' about cute pictures and fun things I do. So, even though this is an old picture, my cousin Katie just sent it to me and I thought I'd share.
Over the summer, Cole and I (as seen above) took Katie (cousin Katie not Katie Katie) on her first date after she turned sixteen. I love my Aunt Becky to death and she is so nice for letting us crash at her place and take Katie. For the date we went ice blocking...well... it started out that way... we were sharing the park with a family reunion party and they had a slip-n-slide. So even though we were fully clothed, we ended up hitting the slip-n-slide. After the good wet fun we went back to my Aunt Becky's and roasted hot dogs over the fire. Then we decided to play the flour game. Much like the ice blocking turning into a water slide activity, the flour game wasn't good enough for Cole and it turned into a flour fight. This was the end result.

September 28, 2008

Homecoming - "Let It Fall"

Hair and Make up time! Megan and her friends were nice enough to help me with my hair on Saturday afternoon to get ready for homecoming! We had two straighteners going and make up and toes all at the same time! It was pretty fun. I felt pampered that's for sure. We all know that these girls could doll me up way better than I ever could, so they got the job. and they did excellent!

This was the final result...

Yes I had no idea that this picture was being taken but you can see a good angle of my hair and make up so, this was what those wonderful young ladies came up with! Then The door bell rang and my date was there. I'm not a big fan of the whole "take a billion pictures at the door" thing, because you pay for pictures at the dance, so I don't have many but here we are.

He was such a gentleman, he brought me a rose which was a complete surprise and I loved it!

We had a great time all day. I woke up that morning at eight to go and decorate the dance at Lone Peak. At first I wasn't to happy about having the dance at the school but I wish I would have taken a camera because it was to beautiful! There was a huge white sheer canopy covering the whole gym with white lights and iorn fencing around the walls. For our day activity, we rode the Alpine coaster which has got to be one of my favorite things to do. Then some lady came up to us and offered free tickets to the slides, I took them and realized that they were only passenger passes so Zach and I gave them to two little kids and made their day. After that we took the ski lift to the top of the resort and had a picnic! Our group was awesome we were all such good friends and goofed around together, I loved it! It was definately a great date!

September 22, 2008

Oh For the Love of Birthdays!

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl who was 14. Every day of her life she wished the day would come when all of her dreams would come true. (meaning she couldn't wait to turn 15 and get a drivers permit.) That fateful day arrived on September 21st. Happy Happy Birthday to our lovely sister Megan! She is officially 15! shortly following this picture she blew out every candle! What ever she wished for, it will come true. Not to be corny but we all know how birthday wishes work. Anyway, while we were at dinner I said the good news about being 15 is, every day is one day closer to being 16. haha thats one way to look at it. She likes to think of it as one day closer to getting her lisence. But not the driving one, when she turns 16, she will get the traditional gift from katie and I, the one we both recieved, the license to kiss. ;) These are the pluthera of items that meg got for her birthday, minus one, a camera with which she is taking this picture. It's a good thing too becuase the camera our family uses is larger than life and needed to be retired. We will now leave the taking of the pictures for our blog up to Megan. Note the pink and red bag that katie and I gave her. :) oh ya!
This is my joy and excitment for meg's special day!
Katie- being the responsible one and doing the dishes after dinner, I am pretty sure I was asleep during that. ha ha ha
oh lovely! what a beautiful set of balloons there!

August 18, 2008

Pros and Cons of a sexy little car

Unfortunately we had a bit of a situation last Friday evening. I (Heather) came home with Cole to hear that my dear dear sister Katie had gotten into a accident in Mia. Mia is Katie's Mazda. My first thought was is Katie ok? (being the caring sister I am)... And then my thoughts were turned to the many occasions that caused Katie and I to get all dolled up, take off the top (of the car), and cruise around looking good in red lip stick and high heels. Tears welled in my eyes and I brought myself to ask the fateful question that I wasn't sure I wanted the answer for... "Is she... t..t..totaled?" My mother told me she was hit by a Geneva Cement Truck. Rear-ended. I was speechless and ready to mourn. Cole helped me through it thought and explained how mia had it coming, being the small car she is.
The next day, I watched as Katie pulled up the driveway with mia, who was not totaled, but just a little flesh wound on the bumper. She will be fine. So for those who are concerned that you won't be seeing us cruise around on sunday afternoons looking "foxy" Mia is simply at the doctor and will be fine.
Oh and Katie is great too... minor whip lash

Detailed Look

Here's a more detailed look at each of us girls

Katie is a sophomore at UVU studying Exercise science/ nursing. She isn't quite sure yet and neither are we. It changes almost as often as her choice of music. She holds up the musical end of our family strongly. She plays the guitar and piano and writes all original pieces. Heather and her have a CD and preform often.
Megan is in 9th grade at Timberline. She is in the Chamber Choir, musical theater, and also student body Secretary. We consider her the fashionable one in the family. We look to her to do our nails, hair, and for wardrobe advice.

Heather is a Senior at Lone Peak High. She is a student body cabinet member, specifically over service. She hopes to go into Journalism after she graduates at either BYU or UVU. Heather would be considered our comic relief. No one takes her too seriously!
Emily is our little princess. She definitly knows her role as "baby girl" and works it to her advantage. We love her, she is our spice to life as mom would put it. She shares the top floor with her big sister Katie, and is 10 going on 20.

August 16, 2008

Our First Blog!

How exciting! Alrighty. . . be patient with us since we are technologically challenged! lol I'm just going to post one random picture right now to see if I can do this haha stay tuned for something better later :)