September 22, 2008

Oh For the Love of Birthdays!

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl who was 14. Every day of her life she wished the day would come when all of her dreams would come true. (meaning she couldn't wait to turn 15 and get a drivers permit.) That fateful day arrived on September 21st. Happy Happy Birthday to our lovely sister Megan! She is officially 15! shortly following this picture she blew out every candle! What ever she wished for, it will come true. Not to be corny but we all know how birthday wishes work. Anyway, while we were at dinner I said the good news about being 15 is, every day is one day closer to being 16. haha thats one way to look at it. She likes to think of it as one day closer to getting her lisence. But not the driving one, when she turns 16, she will get the traditional gift from katie and I, the one we both recieved, the license to kiss. ;) These are the pluthera of items that meg got for her birthday, minus one, a camera with which she is taking this picture. It's a good thing too becuase the camera our family uses is larger than life and needed to be retired. We will now leave the taking of the pictures for our blog up to Megan. Note the pink and red bag that katie and I gave her. :) oh ya!
This is my joy and excitment for meg's special day!
Katie- being the responsible one and doing the dishes after dinner, I am pretty sure I was asleep during that. ha ha ha
oh lovely! what a beautiful set of balloons there!

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