August 18, 2008

Detailed Look

Here's a more detailed look at each of us girls

Katie is a sophomore at UVU studying Exercise science/ nursing. She isn't quite sure yet and neither are we. It changes almost as often as her choice of music. She holds up the musical end of our family strongly. She plays the guitar and piano and writes all original pieces. Heather and her have a CD and preform often.
Megan is in 9th grade at Timberline. She is in the Chamber Choir, musical theater, and also student body Secretary. We consider her the fashionable one in the family. We look to her to do our nails, hair, and for wardrobe advice.

Heather is a Senior at Lone Peak High. She is a student body cabinet member, specifically over service. She hopes to go into Journalism after she graduates at either BYU or UVU. Heather would be considered our comic relief. No one takes her too seriously!
Emily is our little princess. She definitly knows her role as "baby girl" and works it to her advantage. We love her, she is our spice to life as mom would put it. She shares the top floor with her big sister Katie, and is 10 going on 20.

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Brian said...

Now I know what you Hill Girls look like and what order.