October 2, 2008

*Better Late Then Never*

I'm not going to lie, I love braggin' about cute pictures and fun things I do. So, even though this is an old picture, my cousin Katie just sent it to me and I thought I'd share.
Over the summer, Cole and I (as seen above) took Katie (cousin Katie not Katie Katie) on her first date after she turned sixteen. I love my Aunt Becky to death and she is so nice for letting us crash at her place and take Katie. For the date we went ice blocking...well... it started out that way... we were sharing the park with a family reunion party and they had a slip-n-slide. So even though we were fully clothed, we ended up hitting the slip-n-slide. After the good wet fun we went back to my Aunt Becky's and roasted hot dogs over the fire. Then we decided to play the flour game. Much like the ice blocking turning into a water slide activity, the flour game wasn't good enough for Cole and it turned into a flour fight. This was the end result.

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