November 2, 2008


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! well, it's that time of year again! Holidays are like the silver lining in our monotonous lives! Especially Halloween, because its a day for dressing up crazy, sticking your hand in orange pumpkin guts, and getting as much candy as your pillow case can hold! Not to mention risking your life like I did at the haunted house Nightmare on 13th in Salt Lake. This year we were the "cool" house! My mom has gone from giving out hubba bubba bubble gum to full size candy bars. Too bad I'm too old to go trick or treating anymore (my family asked me to put an end to that after I turned 16.) Anyway, Megan spent the day with her friends dressed as "gangstas" Katie went on a blind date and they designed their costumes on the spot. Cole and I helped host Emily's class party, came home and carved pumpkins, then went on a date to the haunted house! It was quite the Halloween and we all loved every second of it!

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