January 30, 2009

Here is a recap of everything that has happened with me since Halloween. I don't know what my sisters have been doing but obviously they are slackin' worse than I am with updating this silly blog. It's out of order a bit... but what in my life isn't?
Preference was a blast! I went with Trevor Hansen and I was sportin' a Yellow formal much like that of Andy Anderson's dress in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days! For our day activity we played Curses at Becca's! If you've never played that game, I highly recommend it!
Neon Light Dance!!! Cole went to Jason's cabin last week and just before I was going to complain about losing my best friend for a weekend, the girls called me up and invited me to go with them to studio 600 in Salt Lake. Yes Bai and I got lost on our way there (who knew studio 600 meant it was on 600th s. hahah!) but it ended up being tons of fun.

Sadies with Joe! As you see from the picture below... We were Indians. My name (as manifest to me through the wonderful world wide web...) is Flower Plucking Coughing Fish (easy with the first part... it gets a little risky to say. My date was... Talkative Short Rainbow. HAHA that's dang funny I don't care who you are! During the dance we were able to sneak in toy bow and arrows (by hiding them in my boots) and shooting couples that forgot they were in a room full of people and thought it was okay to exchange germs in a loving sort of way. Joe and I ended their mind farts quickly! ;)

Christmas break was the absolute best!! As you can see my hair was as red as my jacket (It's back to brown now for those who are curious) Cole joined my family when we went to Soldier Hollow. It's tradition! Mike and Cole thought it was hilarious to tackle me in the snow from time to time and this is my surrendering picture hahah

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